(AAH-VAAN-CEH)V. Ahead of contemporary thought: The act or process of moving forward.

This is just one of many descriptions used to define this 13 piece salsa ensemble people have come to know as AVANCE. AVANCE originates and consists of the hottest and newest talents the San Francisco Bay Area has come to know.  Four electrifying bilingual singers, a sizzling horn section and one of the best rhythm sections on the West Coast. You put this all together and you get a new and unique sound that crosses the language barrier: Spanish and English.  Leading the group is Carlos Santana percussionist/musical director, Karl Perazzo and Co-Founder/Vocalist Armando Cordoba.   From Central America, Jeff Cordoba, Jimmy Flores and Armando Cordoba, bring to the table each, his own style of vocals; enriching each song with it’s own personality.  Rich vocals and an exhilarating dance show, these singers leave all audiences wanting more!  AVANCEs’ musical productions combine and fuse all the different styles of salsa: Puerto Rican, Cuban, New York, and Colombian.  Add to the mix R&B/pop, then you’ve got yourself a group with diversity and innovation, yet always familiar to the ear, and more importantly to the soul. 

AVANCEs’ ultimate goal is to spread their music and inspire all over the world.

When you see and hear AVANCE you're guaranteed three things: Sizzle, Style and most of all SWING!!!

AVANCE: on the cutting edge of excellence...


“A Bailar con Avance”

From the new CD release


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